EPR #2
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Guillaume Apollinaire Les Fenêtres
Marvin Bell The Dead Man's Roulette
David Case The Tarnation of Faust // Couldn't Let Go of L.A. // Spleen of Ocean Avenue
Maxine Chernoff Illusions // Society and Solitude // Self-Reliance // Compensation //
Nature //
Circles // The Over-Soul
Christopher Davis Midlife // From the Lawn Around Her Urn
Major Jackson Two poems from Urban Renewal: ii & xiii // Born Under Punches
Claudia Keelan Morning With Boy and Dog // Outside Story
Jane Mead The High Hither, The Embrace // The Part—and the Whole of It
Kevin Prufer Elected Body // Helicopter Wreck // What is This Ship?
Donald Revell The Windows (a translation of "Les Fenêtres" by Apollinaire)
Tessa Rumsey June Inside You // April Fools
Leslie Scalapino The WedgeChapter 5 of Secret Autobiography
Aaron Shurin Three poems from Involuntary Lyrics: XIII // XLVI // LV
Adrienne Su China II // Adolescence
Liz Waldner In brief, we have devoured ourselves, and do... // Though the radical humour contain in it oil for seventy... // Such as reduced the Heathens to Divinity…
Sam Witt Thermal Signatures: #1 & #2
Dean Young Tulipomania // Chest Pains of the Romantic Poets // Roller Coaster



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