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Interview with David Bromige
Essay by Brenda Hillman: Little Philokalia: A Beauty Makeover


Guillaume Apollinaire // Marvin Bell // David Case // Maxine Chernoff // Christopher Davis // Major Jackson // Claudia Keelan // Jane Mead // Kevin Prufer // Donald Revell // Tessa Rumsey // Leslie Scalapino // Aaron Shurin // Adrienne Su // Liz Waldner // Sam Witt // Dean Young

Books Reviewed

American Rambler by Dale Smith · David Hadbawnik
Bed Hangings by Susan Howe · Jeffrey Jullich
Blast from the Past by Kenward Elmslie · David Hadbawnik
Everybody's Autonomy: Connective Reading and Collective Identity by Juliana Spahr · Curt Leitz
Plot by Claudia Rankine · Arielle C. Greenberg
Letters to Wendy's by Joe Wenderoth · Fred Muratori
Life On Earth by Frederick Seidel · Gerald Schwartz
Middle Ear by Forrest Hamer · Ken Rumble
Tell Me by Kim Addonizio and Mercury by Phillis Levin · Chris Stroffolino

Books Received

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