Fred Muratori




Nothing happens if you just stand still

            Mermaids continue handing out leaflets at the mall

            Circus dogs roll red and yellow balls across the sawdust

            Men in snap-brim hats insist the Big Bands are coming back

            People of opposite races risk uncertain smiles

                        misinterpreted as scowls


If you stand still your perspective will not change

            From below             important people seem foreshortened

            In Breugel's painting             Icarus forever thrashes against death

            Astronauts have boomeranged to moon and back

                        but you're waiting for the hoaxers to confess                       

            Couples fall in love until the evidence proves otherwise


Nothing changes because you wish it would

            That German Pope for example            Or the taste of cabbage

            The angry Pekinese next door growls like a pick-up truck

                        and the magnolia sheds its petals only hours

                                    after you first noticed them

            Your address is still the one where people find you


Because you wish for it         hope remains a valid thesis

            The rationale for suicide hotlines

            A pretext for calendars

            A name given to newborn girls

            A long vowel sound bracketed by consonants


Hope for change             and time fills uncontrollably up

                        with everybody's alternate worlds

            Mermaids roll red and yellow balls across the sawdust

            Men in snap brim hats growl like pick-up trucks

            People of opposite races fall in love

                                              only hours after the hoaxers confess


Will nothing happen if you move?           

            Magnolias shed their petals while you sleep

            Your new address

                        will be the one where people find you

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review