Matthew Cooperman


from Spool


some more new
thinking about about
and while I’m
at it on
and through the
time of conflicting
the desert asseverating
palms and dates
millennial confusion tides
the dredge of
rivers a dead
muskrat wrapped in
a burkha how
it is us
in the morning’s
sheen the water’s
the same where
ever you are
purl and fold
malarial or bottled
the body thirsts
the pupil dilates
seeing the sun’s
everyones it’s our
blood and cradle
it’s the same




such one swirls
to be plural
the pronominal spirit
preside preside the
outer vessel a
vein through fields
the inner cause
the quickening blood
it cools and
broods a next
generation why some
are one and
others are laters
the coven works
to make it
last our name
and futures are
caught in sluice
ingenuity flows a
tribe and glacier
the shortest path
to fro and
to is quench
what is left
might we share





what one needs
in new thinking
ours the tissues
which require contemplation
pastoral local the
global self same
on a slide
in a dream
La Poudre spring
run off the
rack of a
moose emerging from
the river a
child ours I
have never seen
caught in the
glittering track he
is king riding
and a kingdom
of new thinking
kindness and blue
of a perpetual
sorrow it spins
by same principles
everyday the last
preservation of us
to be instructed
is thirst and
forage line for
a line the
bio of us
a breathing hymn




to dwell in
rooms as hue
you’s the one
and only complexity
keeps the dusty
corner cornered here
it is late
I’m alone and
so unable to
make it go
or finish finish
I only wish
the there was
got to too
you are first
and on a
list complexly these
are hours and
days oh daze
to singularize and
bind disparities please
pleas baby please
make larger space




moods warblers work
to be swept
the room and
sun such adventure
to be made
the kitchen hours
making and the
birds that bird
and people much
is delicate negotiating
need and want
are projects finding
sounds inside lungs
so the world
is round when
love and duty
are one grace
is within you

© 2008 Electronic Poetry Review