Michel Deguy (translated by Wilson Baldridge)


That Which Assembles Prepares Resemblance

I thought of these stones, this wall, with affection, with recognition, as of a tree, as of a dog, as of a cloud, and a watchkeeper ¾ a familiar spirit: the tutelary, one would need the grammatical category of the “neuter” as in German to articulate. The tutelary relates, matches, holds together ¾ in an experience which precedes heterogeneities and indifferences, specifications and enumerations ¾ assembles, then, a thing’s characteristic, a qualification that in advance runs through a certain number of “things,” relating them (a tree, a dog, a cloud . . .), or: the world being born under one aspect of a common (communing) sense for us. A characteristic that would be ontic and transcendental. And this “great thing,” here “the tutelary,” keeping in store a multiplicity of apparitions, of displayable connections, makes possible ¾ meaningful ¾ the metaphoric transactions between such and such things one will find, reading, “naturally connected,” similar.

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