Matthew Zapruder

Thank You for Being You

Poetry begins here. Brand new summer
faces the academy of youth. Gold
division buys gold. Everybody grew up
in a subculture, overcoming presentation.
Explosive subjectivity, anxiety loops,
available light digging Manhattan.
When things sound alike, does it
make them sisters? Come dancing
bitter city, it's only natural.
Carousel with its horses removed,
suddenly I don't feel so abandoned.
I want to communicate with you,
I'm trying as hard as a human,
but the white space always stops
me. When they found him he was
holding a shovel. When I loved
you all afternoon, you were absent,
the neighbors woken, your cries
were the actual miracle. Defeated,
I tell endless bedtime stories, bounce
off others, understand power.
Even feedback can be helpful. Move
the radio to a slightly bigger
basement where it won't be too proud.
Restless spirit, it's you. You
are family, you are dark mysterious
helpful time for time to pull
in a little, curl up with some reasons,
and shut out the world.

Tonight You'll Be Able


© 2005 Electronic Poetry Review