Matthew Zapruder

Tonight You'll Be Able

It may feel good to go wherever.
Desires lead you into old familiar
destructive awareness. Going a thousand
miles away seems to be keeping up.
Unsettled and anxious signals:
they're so microscope. Be a sleuth.
Tiny sparkling under those around you
sees you feeling and waiting. Life
today is slow moving co-workers.
Respond by giving your profile
a new sense of clarity, and feel
ready to share your outlook even
if they may not be as excited. It
makes you good to spread your joy.
People, it's harder to be yourself.
A series of role playing opportunities
appeases, showing the authentic
you won't hurt anything. Focus
on your lovely find that there
are many more things. Tonight,
you'll be able to talk to anyone
about anything, make all the loved ones
muster up, chat with character,
keep alive the conversations.
You feel you're getting something
someone gives you. The key
to a series of coincidences you
play matchmaker to. An odd couple,
the present you and the future
in a big suit, a new haircut,
or better than anticipated, funds.
A few minor changes to June.
Love partners, your lucky numbers
are 4, 7, 18, 21 and 32. Ask yourself
what would I do if I knew I could
not fail.

Thank You for Being You


© 2005 Electronic Poetry Review