Frances Presley




prose of the Jubilee


lines from her forehead

press down to the bridge of her nose

Introduce someone to our world


It’s harder to enter Number One

through its transparent stiles


“the absence of colour emphasises structure

and geometry”

Contemporary Applied



I dreamt that our rich host was kindly showing me round his art gallery, and then I saw you slumped in a corner, blood on your face.  You were fortunate – he was paying for your rehabilitation


praying for your rehabilitation


“we call it shouting”

he explained

this use of underlining

or capitals


the danger of walking or cycling

past scaffolds in squalls

or standing with security

under a red citigroup umbrella


blown back

follow anyone

under the glass


Capital Wharf

no memorials

no libraries

no books


this free paper:


the bean counters

long summer

banks pet

banks put


to exile of Thatcher

island of lost soles


forget the rest

click on to the best


leaving soles on the sally ledges

peer above the spikes



Which, under the favour of GOD, shall contribute


smudged line of cement  

bisects the stone slabs



con                   tribute

stab                  ility

or                     name

which               under


Number One

is a Periodic No.


at its centre


              im       press

be           spoke

        sen                 sation        

     hirst                    emin

   enter                      tain

intern                        ation

    mas                      erati

       be                    like

     bed                    room

          en                  joy

            se              cure

              tow  (e)  ring  



© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review