Caroline Knox

Coin-Faced Man

Coin-faced man, I am calibrated for numismatics.

Do you have a yen for the real?

Turns out, "[C]oins, although they confirm history,"

said Dr. Blenkinsop, "rarely correct it.

Numismatics is a offspring of sculpture."

For an obverse monarch or a tree,

the octagonal die is strikable;

struck or cast, bite on the coin to see if it's a slug.

We played Honeysuckle Stoopnagle with the coin-faced man.

Turns out, Dr. Blenkinsop is an old boy in The Doctor's Dilemma,

and Honeysuckle Stoopnagle is nothing but Hide the Thinble.

But man-faced coin, four bits—it's JFK

on a scumbled field from the Philly mint.

They belted him with a Margoliouth.

Woe to consequences so hardened!

Chicago, San Francisco papers please copy.


Gnome Acrostic


© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review