Caroline Bergvall

About Face (opening section)


            Begin a f acing
at a pt of motion
How c lose is near to face a face
What makes a face how close too near
Tender nr pace m
just close enough makes faceless
too close makes underfaced
                        Ceci n’est pas une fesse
Past nest urn face
sees here your passing
                        This is not a face
yes transcrpt
s easier li this
                        A face is like a rose
th n fss
correlated to ah yes tt t
waltzing t change
When faced a point is found
            & many others
Everything you’ve faced not nt
writn portrays
            Time taken
stands in for
When found a point is brought out
You erm n it point by point tracks the fat of lines
Yet faced marked distance
I’ll always remember this painting because I couldn’t see it.
It was displayed at waist height behind a chair covered with glass but next to the window so that glass caught the glare.
Distance a crossing that needs accidents good fortune
A crossing that needs does beckon
quite li unlike
            each sticking pt
each separate focus
proximity head-on makes too fast
unless drive-through like dotted
yes necary
            sgot a loose
            At which pt to face begins
A total part of what cannot be backtracked
points rto impact at the enckline neckline
beyond the impl
gated body limit
Face-corporeal signals a bulk
a corpsi congl, m
            ration of means
-ng in relation to, what phase might be
                        at arms length
Found as of
Shh at t time
the way it was procesd, was that
a lasting relation to
Large face-markets exarcerbate the need
first a marker then a collection
face-medallion fly on the glass
Ccollect small figures figurines
                        This is not a face
                        a face arises
A face arose is like a redred like a-parting
likely to a pear is likely to disappear
Envisage brings on more
More insidious more penetrating than likeness, the Photograph sometimes makes appear what we never see in a real face (or in a face reflected in a mirror): a genetic feature, the fragment of oneself or of a relative which comes from some ancestors…the photograph gives a little truth, on condition that it parcels out the body.
            I mean, plotting
One face is pulled off from bark
-in language proudly
            One face is pulled off by eating much language
            Figured much eating choking on face
Veg erot, think about,
would have it such a banquet
                                    satiates and praises
One face fits horse-like fits describe
Ceci n’est pas une bride
                        A face is like a horse
horse-like without horse
This fac is a natural extension of the grid
Angled fact won’t kerb
Figure prepares to faceload
Timely clocks
straight at t
doesn’t even look amended
face tools
erm small technology
speed up splinter shrapnel
fades on paper

-ly speaking
Washes out quickly
in the light
                        Parting-like a raised-like
Like like like like
Unlike unlike unlike unlike




© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review