Allen Fisher


In 2002 he took neurotrophins to mediate
differentiation in the nervous system.
The technicians' attempt to biosynthesise
sensitive to synaptic stimulation.
The Geneticist is ageless.

In a strident wish to hermaphrodise
the Burglar stormed from the screen
A juxtaposition frayed when not ambitious by improvement.

A neurotrophic factor induced hippocampal potentiation—
the best-estimated model for learning and memory.
He became himself 1000 below zero
pranced across laboratory floor
in strobe-light sneakers
opened a sodium channel
impaired his learning behaviour.

Sodium voltage '1.9' best known for its high
expression in peripheral sensory neurons,
led to the suggestion of its involvement
in crack pulse.

That component of human conditions,
exemplified as capture,
using tools to transform metal ions,
expressed in pain or aspiration
supported by memory and action.

They screech towards corrupt stance
palladium his stage craft.
Honest racket
bellows in the shrine,
pain scripted in molecular cryptych,
the code for a voltage gate.

She turned to him in the bar
in ultra-violet, appeared to be the same person
repeated the image passed through a door revolving
structured by soda screening.

Redress and strain of mental aberrations
as the Geneticist started laughing.
Sodium voltage '1.9' detected by 'in situ' hydridization
in virtually every region; cortex, cerebellum,
amygdala, thalamus and hippocampus
connected directly to his system of
sexual reserve.

Burning the State insurrection
at 1000 below nothing
rubbing the toads and tongued numbers
from switching cash with banking cabinets.
Ash spent to express the abjection
waste read to be fable and narrative
      Chests becoming tarried shout in the
            ultralite deffects of the gullet
            switch rented burr shift other
                     and phased his shrine
               Shot wedding hasp his true gripe
       wire assunder to true austerity.

Hyperthermia and exotic
the phase it stalled his fetch unless
scratches stammer
pace shuttle.
A strobic shrine off meanderng
paces the future slope
shifting thin age freighter crimping
fat 1000 feet up round zero
the thud blisters
strike on barbed wire.

The Geneticist surpasses desire and hopes
hatches the borderline
in mute swing of framings
followed by thunder clear
the smell of vegetation
stretched refulgence.

A topology of catastrophe
Disaggregates edges asks where and when
of the self floats on intolerable significance.

Presses affected temple into the pillow and hand
an intensity of pain
Impossible to tell whether position
can be discussed without beating the wall
or visceral distension
and the substance between them.

Cruelty defined movement
of culture
realised in bodies and
inscribed on them.

In the magnitude of speed a
depth of time eludes
the habitual limitations
result from material resistance
speed expands time in the
instant it contracts space, we
arrive at the negation
of the physical dimension, a
degree of resolution dependent
on the relations between
an object and an observer.
When the boundary conditions
prevent the system from going to equilibrium
it does the next best thing; it goes
to a state of minimum entropy production—
that is, to a state as close to equiibrium as 'possble'.

Throbbing pain
caused by swell of blood
outer cover of brain dura
embedded in vessels and sensitive
nerve fibres release
compounds awaken receptors and
swell again.

Arrested on suspicion
of planning to steal throws
away shoes each time and carries
a swipe pad impression of prints.

I was looking at the house and
couldn't believe it
tried to imagine
that window, behind
the curtains, trying
to see a bit of the
and suddenly the image
from the inside outside from
room to garden.


Ducks cross the pond on a
wall below visible surfaces
watchers think to walk on the water
is a natural phenomenon
than the

Watch the burden
on your back
paving slabs over lapped
with leaves last
summer's discourse
reworking calculus
in the Columbian café
with a flourescent
in one hand and a

cup of acid
in another
baling out
another migraine

During the process of eating from his can
the Geneticist confirms
a unique type of sodium channel
gated by extracellular ligands rather than by voltage,
a brain-derived neurotrophic factor and the most powerful
endogenous neuroexcitants reported so far,
ready answers delivered on the telly.

All over London
lack of technical knowhow
in one meets
in competence of manners in
another material by
capacity to misorganise spacetime
a veil between
our selves and even
the closest in

timates, blur
us to each




© 2003 Electronic Poetry Review