EPR #6
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Antônio de Castro Alves Os Anjos da Meia Noite: Photographias (translation by Jascha Hoffman)
Francisco Aragón Poem with Citations from the O.E.D. // Blister
Joshua Beckman Eclipse (by Tomaz Salamun)
Erin Belieu Two Weeks On The Island
Caroline Bergvall About Face (opening section)
Richard Caddel Three poems from nightgarden songs: moons // snails // ponds
Martin Corless-Smith Flowes Forward // Mutability Chorus
Allen Fisher Swim
Bill Griffiths The Attica Retribution
Alan Halsey Five from Lives of the Poets: Thomas Hoccleve //
Sir Walter Ralegh // Sam: Johnson // Thomas Warton // Charlotte Smith
Saskia Hamilton Entrance
Jascha Hoffman Midnight Angels (after the Os Anjos da Meia Noite: Photographias of Castro Alves)
Elizabeth James Three from Words of the Weak: Gun Detox // Cough Rebellion // Christmas Pension
Caroline Knox Coin-Faced Man // Gnome Acrostic
John Latta Jongleur // Vanity and Gash // Music, Itch
Brett Fletcher Lauer The Circle of Breath That Surrounds You // Even Christian Babies Cry // The feelings of loss, like tiny droplets, do gradually accumulate
Christopher Logue Excerpts from all day permanent red
Lisa Lubasch Ordering Things // Ordering Things, 2 // Ordering Things 3
Geraldine Monk Mary Through the Looking Glass
Ron Padgett The Way You Wear Your Hat
Carl Phillips Close Your Eyes
Christopher Reid Solar System // La Tartuga // Raga
Peter Riley Seven Transylvanian Songs
Matthew Rohrer Incredulous Grandson (by Tomaz Salamun)
Tomaz Salamun Eclipse (translation by Joshua Beckman) // Neverni vnuk (Incredulous Grandson, translation by Matthew Rohrer)
Lisa Sewell Contrarious Passions in a Love // Name Withheld
Harriet Tarlo rowing their swag // early and grass //under the green line

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